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 Styliste D'Ongles et Estheticienne   

Hair Removal  


Only suitable for small areas like eyebrows, but is also used for touching-up after other procedures. It removes hair at the root so that the results are long lasting. Hairs are removed individually, so it is less painful than waxing, but it takes much longer because they are removed individually. A good choice for people who want to remove problem hairs.


An ancient Indian technique of facial hair removal which spread throughout Asia, the Middle East and recently in Europe, where it is widely used for eyebrows. A thin cotton thread is doubled and twisted. It is then rolled on areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle.

Threading removes hair in lines, rather than as individual hairs (as with with tweezing) and it allows more precise control in shaping eyebrows. It is more gentle on the skin and less messy than waxing. Most importantly, it removes regrowth that is only just proud of the skin, less growth than any other method requires.

Warm Wax

This method of hair removal removes the hair from the roots by the application of warm liquid wax, which is pasted on and then removed with a strip of material. Results are long lasting, up to 6 weeks. It is used on any part of the body on small or large areas.

Hot Wax

This is good for smaller or more sensitive areas of the body. There is no requirement for the strips and it is less messy.

Coming Soon

Spray Tan. Would you like to complete your look with a natural effect spray tan? With some genuine interest from clients for this service I could offer this treatment very soon. Please let me know if you are interested.