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Semi Permanent UV Nail Varnish

Fed up with chipped, tired looking nail varnish?

This nail varnish lasts 10-15 days and is perfect for holidays, if you like to change your colour regularly and don't want something as permanent as UV Gel or if you find that, no matter how much you scrub them, you nails always look grubby.

Your nails will be stronger and more resistant to chips and scratches with a lasting colour and shine.

Let me know if you want a particular colour, and if I don't have it, I'll get it for you.

UV Gel and Acrylic

Would you like nails you have always dreamed of, but that don't break or split. Gel or acrliylic overlays will give you elegant nails that are extremely strong and durable, as long or as short as you would like. You could start with extensions but soon it will be your own nails that have grown with just the overlay for strength, protection and decoration. You could have a design, simple french or  something more dramatic. This treatment lasts up to 4 weeks and then can be maintained with a simple refil.


Which one? Gel and acrylic give a very similar result and the choice between them is often personal. Acrylic was the more popular but Gel has been developed technologically and is now often considered superior and is the more popular choice. Neither gel nor acrylic overlays damage the natural nail, as long as they are maintained and/or removed professionally, even with prolonged use.



UV Gel nails are applied in layers and each one is "cured" under a UV lamp. The UV lamp causes a process called "polymerisation"* which is where the gel hardens. polymérisation * lorsque le gel se durcir. It is important that gel nails are maintained and removed professionally because the natural nail can be damaged if they are pulled or picked off. 

Acrylic nails are applied by using a monomer (the liquid) and a polymer (The powder). The two composites are combined into a small soft ball which is then placed onto the nail and moulded. Acrylic hardens by exposure to air in about 2 minutes. Like gel, it is important that they are maintained and removed professionally to avoid damage to your natural nail.

Nail Enhancements

Your nails can be elongated with tips or forms. Tips are glued to your natural nail with gel or acrylic overlay applied on top. Forms are an extension of the acrylic or gel overlay which is extended beyond your natural nail with the use of a mould. This treatment is ideal for very short or bitten nails. 

If you are not sure I can offer full advice as to which is the best choice for you.

Nail Art

See more of my creations or be inspired.

For simple flicks with a jewel to catch the eye to themed designs to celebrate Christmas or Halloween. 3D designs will stand out, literally.


Hot, cold, wet, dry, your mains take it all. This whole-hand treatment has everything, exfoliation, treament mask, and also a luxurious massage, and  this is all before the application of 2 delicious coats of OPI Nail laquer.


On your feet all day? A full pedicure is exactly what you need. A relaxing foot soak and treatment mask followed by an indulgent food massage. After all that, 2 coats of OPI nail laquer will make sure your feet look as good as they feel.

Shape & Polish

If time is limited what you probably need is to have your nails or toe nails simply shaped followed by perfect slick of nail varnish. It is a quick treatment with an excellent result using sumptuous OPI Nail Laquer.

See what your favourite colour will look like with this link.

*Polymerisation creates heat and can cause a brief period of discomfort during the first few seconds of curing.